Adult Self Defense Schools

Why So Many Adults Love Our Martial Arts Hapkido Self Defense Classes with locations in: 

  • Ocoee, Florida Ph: 321-443-8077
  • Orlando, Florida  Ph: 407-923-5269
  • Conyers, Georgia Ph: 917-929-0078
  • San Saba, Texas Ph: 325-372-4800 

In Our Adult Martial Arts Self Defense Classes YOU Will:

Have FUN! Get FIT! Make New FRIENDS!

But more importantly, what makes our program unique is that YOU will learn real world self defense that is effective on the streets.

Click on video above or HERE for an important message.

While many schools teach a very formal type of fighting with weird stances and unnatural postures, our program is different.

Richard Hackworth adult self defense schools

Grand Master Richard Hackworth

We use natural stances, body postures and movements that make our techniques lightening fast and completely destroy your attacker. These are the same techniques that are taught to the F.B.I., C.I.A., Elite Military and Police Units as well as the US Secret Service. The President of the United States has these people protecting him 24/7! Who is assigned to protect YOUR Family???

Many of our students are Black Belts in other martial arts but confessed that they joined our adult class because they weren’t being taught real-world self-defense techniques in their style.

swat team training adult self defense

Richard Hackworth Training With The Korea SWAT Team

They didn’t feel confident because they just couldn’t see how the “stylized” movements of a centuries-old Karate system could be applicable in a street attack against a stiletto knife or ‘Saturday Night Special’-wielding assailant in today’s world.

It’s certain that students at these other sport Karate or Olympic Taekwondo schools were not seeing and hearing what they thought they should. They were not getting what they needed to survive such an attack. Their gut-level feeling was, “this stuff isn’t going to work” and they were right.

Training with Han Myung Soo Presidential Body Guards

Richard Hackworth Training with Han Myung Soo Presidential Body Guards

The problem with most martial arts schools is that – what adult students are looking for – is something even more crucial to learning self-defense against violent attackers. And maybe this “thing” was easier to identify by novices than by trained instructors who had been indoctrinated into sport systems.

At our school, we know that self defense isn’t a sport. That a drug crazed attacker on the street isn’t going to fight by “Official Olympic Rules”.

Another thing that is lacking in all of these types of sport Karate schools is something the real experts like to call… Experience!

adult self defense hapkido

Richard Hackworth hosting the World Hapkido Masters Conference

At the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies, our instructors have backgrounds in Military and Law Enforcement Training. They have an in-depth knowledge of what really works in a fight and what will get your killed.

Regardless of the subject, it’s fairly easy to see when someone has experience with the information they have, isn’t it? I mean, experience in actually applying that information to produce viable, proven results. As the old saying goes, “those who can – do; and those who can’t – teach.”

And, what adult students are looking for is someone who “can” AND “teaches” others how they can as well. That is exactly what you will find at our adult martial arts class, knowledgeable, experienced, instructors.

Now, this isn’t to say that most martial arts instructors don’t know their arts and the techniques and skills that come with them. Most certainly do. And these people are very good at what they do.

However; there is a huge difference between knowing how to ‘perform’ a skill – any skill – and being able to apply that skill in a particular context. And self-defense is no exception.

No matter how hard they try, most martial arts and self-defense instructors will not be able to convince educated adults that they know what they’re talking about without the experience to back it up. Adult students are not children. They have seen far too much in their lives to let these less-than-able instructors slide. That is why so many adults seek out our program.

And with the new threat of terrorism being added to the ever-present concern with violent crime, most adults have no desire to learn martial arts for purely ascetic reasons. They want – no, they demand – and rightly so, that the person they place their trust in, not to mention their very lives, knows what he or she is doing. That is our promise at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies, that our adult self defense class instructors have faced violence in the streets and are here today to talk about it because they applied their skills and were able to quickly end the situation.

world martial arts magazine

Grand Master Richard Hackworth on the cover of World Martial Arts Magazine

Are you in search of real experts – people who have “been there” and who can help you learn what you need to know in order to protect yourself and your family? If so then you have found the right place.

While some Karate schools teach for money. We teach for a more personal reason, to help save lives. Teaching self-protection skills to others is a huge responsibility. And at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies we take that responsibility seriously.

We know that what we are teaching adults with regards to surviving a violent attack is effective. We understand that people are placing their lives in our hands every time they follow our advice.

If you want to learn real-world self-protection against violent attackers who don’t follow the rules of fairness and respect found in martial arts schools and karate tournaments then give us a call.

As a final thought, and one that we at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies live by is this: If, some day, “I” must depend on one of my students to protect me from a dangerous assailant for whatever reason. I have comfort in the knowledge that what I taught them is really going to work.

  • Ocoee, Florida Ph: 321-443-8077
  • Orlando, Florida  Ph: 407-923-5269
  • Conyers, Georgia Ph: 917-929-0078
  • San Saba, Texas Ph: 325-372-4800 

Visit our American Dragon Martial Arts Academies website for more information.

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5 Responses to Adult Self Defense Schools

  1. Clark says:

    The Hapkido teachers here are awesome! They love what they do and it shows. The new facility is absolutely incredible! I love working out there and learning all these new skills. I highly recommend American Dragon Martial Arts!!

  2. Johnson says:

    I am having a blast in your class. I go home smiling and sweating every time. I like that the instructors are so experienced, patient and very encouraging with all the students. Great learning environment and easy to pick up. Dues are reasonable and its also nice that they offer a family discount.

  3. Williams says:

    Authentic Hapkido training with a real master trained and certified by the world headquarters in Korea. American Dragon is the real thing offering professional-caliber training for all who are willing to learn. I visited 3 other schools in the area before choosing this one. It is by far the best choice for our family.

  4. Davis says:

    Martial artists are among the most conditioned athletes in the world and you’ll understand why if you try out the class. Stretching, strength exercises, and a workout that gets your heart pounding. I joined to learn self defense but got so much more. Thank you american dragon!

  5. Miller says:

    A martial arts school is only as good as its instructors and your instructors are great! The owner is truly passionate about teaching at all levels. The other instructors are equally encouraging and proficient in their instruction. Take advantage of the free week and try as the classes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! I can’t recommend this facility highly enough to do it justice.

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